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Five Finger Mountains North Cyprus

You will smell orange blossom and wild thyme, see the birds migrating from Africa, and step through wild orchids and tulips as you hike the Five Finger Mountains of North Cyprus.

The Queens Window St Hilarion Castle

North Cyprus offers what many hikers dream of: walks that combine mountains and sea. On the Beşparmak Trail, this is possible over 260 kilometers from Cape Korucam in the west to Cape Zafer on the island’s eastern tip. Lonely beaches at the capes, pine forests and massive castles on steep peaks, lush vegetation and original villages. All this can be hiked in sections or as a whole. Trained hiking guides have divided the tour into 18 stages.One of the most beautiful hikes in the region winds relatively steeply through evergreen scrubland from the village of Karmi up to the fortress of St. Hilarion. The impressive medieval fortress is perched on the highest point of the mountain and offers spectacular views of the port city of Kyrenia.

Cyprus offers attractive hiking areas on both sides of the divided island. The Troodos Mountains in the southern part have less sea view, but a lot of forest. The Mediterranean climate with over 300 days of sunshine a year offers ideal hiking weather from March to the end of May and from October to December. An exciting mix of mountains, sea, Mediterranean scents and the world of the gods awaits.

Five Finger Mountains North Cyprus
From Karmi

But it is not only nature that makes the Troodos attractive as a hiking destination; like everywhere else in Cyprus, hikes can be combined with cultural sights. In the Troodos, there are Unesco world cultural heritage sites. Worth seeing are the barn-roofed churches with paintings from the 15th century.

Mountain flock
Ancient black pine

It’s important to know that the Green Line, which has divided the island of Cyprus since 1964, places no limits on vacations. Whether you choose a hotel in the south or accommodation in the north of Cyprus, whether you arrive at Larnaca Airport in the south or Ercan Airport in the north, Britons and EU passport holders can easily explore the whole island. Cyprus Travel is a Cyprus-based and also German-speaking tour operator that offers walking tours to all regions of the island.

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