Smart people choose Freedom


Our backGroud Story

Freedom is a marketing and consultancy company with a hand-picked, highly educated and experienced team who live, own or invest in property throughout North Cyprus and the Mediterranean.

Our love for this beautiful island and the Mediterranean has brought us together and we are eager to share our knowledge, know-how and passion. The Mediterranean and North Cyprus has so much to offer and we love its culture, lifestyle, beauty and its benefits, both from a living, holidaying and investment perspective.

We provide a service to bring people to North Cyprus and the Mediterranean, benefiting not only those who may wish to buy property but also those who are looking for business opportunities within their existing social marketing businesses, or those who wish to venture into something new to find FREEDOM in their lives.

Whether you are looking to buy a property, or wish to search for new business opportunities, or are just curious about what North Cyprus and the Mediterranean has to offer, we are here to support and guide you through this process. Smart people choose FREEDOM.


“Helping people create their perfect lifestyle in the sun”

Based on our rock-solid foundation of knowledge, expertise and know-how we aim to help and guide people to create their perfect lifestyle in the sun. Our belief is that freedom of choice is a business opportunity that makes us stronger together. The relation we build with everyone who chooses our company will help establish a community which embrace morale responsibility, business ethics and continuity.


To provide, through the freedom of choice, superior and quality alternatives that EMPLOYEES are proud of, PARTNERS can recommend, VISITORS will prefer, STRANGERS will believe, and INVESTORS will seek.

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