“Helping people create their perfect lifestyle in the sun”

Freedom Group offer a wide range of services in North Cyprus, Spain and Dubai

Based on our rock-solid foundation of knowledge, expertise and know-how we aim to help and guidepeople to create their perfect lifestyle in the sun.

Our belief is that freedom of choice is a business opportunity that makes us stronger together. The relation we build with everyone who chooses our company will help establish a community which embrace morale responsibility, business ethics and continuity.

Experienced marketing and consultancy team

Freedom`s experienced marketing and consultancy team offer a wide range of services in North Cyprus, Spain and Dubai with a growing country portfolio from all around the world. Whether you are in the market for an investment property or a luxury villa for full time living, our team is there to understand your needs and cater to them with the highest quality products and services.

Your Experience

Your experience with us starts from the moment you make the first contact with us through our website or one of our affiliates. We are there to support you from that moment on and forward. Our job is to provide our clients a smooth and memorable experience in our portfolio countries, working hand in hand with the local companies and consultants in each country.


When it comes to property consultancy, our philosophy is simple: introducing you to the best, highest quality and most rooted developers, and show you a wide variety of products that will provide you the best return of investment, highest rental incomes, and efficient management services.

Our dedicated team

Freedom team is here to serve you for all aspects of lifestyle in our portfolio countries, and create a memorable impact in your lives, and make sure that you fall in love the country that you are investing in. Marketing a development is one thing, but creating a memorable experience through local touches and other services is far more important and exciting for us.

Whether you are a first time investor or a property entrepreneur, you’ll be introduced to opportunities with lowest risk and highest reward. What Freedom does is A to Z exceptional strategic advice, consultancy and services. These include but not limited to connecting you to the best developers, assisting and advising you for legal procedures through expert law firms we work with, helping you during the purchase and handover process, and after sales services.

In addition, Freedom can consult you regarding all products and services related to your visit or full time move to our portfolio countries. We stand strong with our local consultants and can assist you with everything from car hires to transportation, health care to insurance, furniture to opening a bank account, finding rental customers, and all else you can imagine!

All you need to do is ask!