Yanks a lot- now we’re trendy!

Kyrenia Harbour

North Cyprus, as those of us lucky enough to live there know, is many things, among them; beautiful, laid back, welcoming and peaceful. But now we are in danger of becoming trendy!

North Cyprus like Ibiza or Santorini

That is the case, at least, according to a popular US travel site, which has likened the north of Cyprus to Ibiza or Santorini- only, as it is keen to point out – much cheaper. Travel Off Path describes itself as “a world-leading indie travel news source, providing the most up to date and relevant news for travelers across the globe,” and claims two to three million visitors per month.

In an article titled:

“The Trendy European Summer Hotspot Very Few Americans Know About,” it says “The North of Cyprus is perhaps the island’s most fascinating region.”

Kyrenia Castle in North Cyprus
Kyrenia Castle

It points out: “Interestingly, a majority of tourists only ever visit the Greek-speaking South, either rapidly glossing over or skipping the North altogether due to its reputation of being underdeveloped and simply ‘not worth the hassle’. The truth of the matter is these widely-disseminated misconceptions could not be further from the truth.” It reassures Americans that Cyprus is considered safe to visit, and both Southern Cypriots and Northern Cypriots live peacefully on their respective sides of the dividing line.

Nicosia looking north
Nicosia looking north

North Nicosia, it says, is jam-packed with tourist attractions, such as the Selimiye Mosque, the largest and oldest Gothic structure in Cyprus that used to be a church, to the 16th-century Büyük Han caravansarai, and an Ottoman bazaar bustling with trade.

city of Kyrenia. With its heavily fortified harbour, medieval castle, and cobblestone streets, it is really the stuff of fairy tales

“Beyond Nicosia, adventurous tourists are drawn to the city of Kyrenia. With its heavily fortified harbour, medieval castle, and cobblestone streets, it is really the stuff of fairy tales.

“Kyrenia is also within short driving distance of gorgeous coastal spots, most notably the Alagadi Turtle Beach, highly sought-after by wildlife spotters, and Diana Beach, a tiny, secluded bay bounded by the azure waters of the East Mediterranean.”

Karpaz residents welcome visitors and begging for carrots
Karpaz residents welcome visitors

Golden Beach Karpaz

Travel Off Path also recommends 13th-century Bellapais Monastery, the ruins of Saint Hilarion Castle and the archaeological complexes of Soli and Salamis. For beach fun, it says, head for the Karpaz Peninsula.

Golden Beach Karpaz
Golden Beach Karpaz

The depreciated Turkish Lira is partly the reason why Turkey is such a popular budget destination for American travelers, and the fact that the North of Cyprus has adopted it means it is much cheaper than the Eurozone South. According to a recent report by North Cyprus International, prices are on average 25% lower in the North, the website adds.

Finally, it points out, that you will have no issue going back and forth between the Republic of Cyprus, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, as long as you arrive on the island via the Greek South.

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