Terms and conditions

Between Party 1 Freedom Marketing and Consulting Services LLC and Party 2 the Marketing Affiliate (MA)

a) Marketing Affiliate position with the Agent is voluntary and both parties agree to work together to find customers for a variety of products and services in this network to create active and passive income for the company and its affiliates as outlined in Section 2 of this contract.

b) All MAs must be over the age of 18 and provide proof of identification.
– MAs cannot hold more than one position in the Freedom Network.
– MAs cannot move positions in Freedom Network unless agreed by their sponsor.
In the event that the MA is not content with the support they receive from their sponsor, then they can request to Freedom Management for a change of position, subject to approval.

c) Couples may have two separate positions under the same network.


a) Party 1 offers a variety of products for Party 2 to market and find customers for. By signing this contract, Party 2 has access to all these products and may choose to market all or some of them.

b) There are two types of commissions that the MAs can earn, based on the products available in the Agent`s network. The pay-out structure of the products can be found in the Appendix. The two types are:

– Group A Products: Products that provide P2 an income through multi-level- marketing commission structure.

– Group B Products: Products that provide P2 with various streams of income. For further information, please contact a member of Freedom Management.

c) At all times, commission only becomes payable when a transaction is completed and all commission monies have been received from the vendor / service provider. All commission payments will be made via bank transfer. No cash payments will be made.

d) MAs cannot benefit from commission on their first purchase of property. If a couple makes a purchase and they are under each other in the Freedom Network, the MA who introduced them will benefit from their first purchase.

e) All MAs can benefit from Level 1 commission for all their subsequent purchases.. The following rules apply:

i. If an MA has been involved with other property network marketing companies in North Cyprus and made their first purchase through said companies, in the event that they transfer to Freedom Network, this purchase remains valid for Freedom and they will benefit from their second and subsequent purchases.

ii. If the MA is already a property owner but obtained their property individually or through traditional estate agencies, their purchase count in Freedom will start from zero, therefore they will not receive a commission from their first purchase in Freedom Network.

iii. Couples in the same network can only benefit from 1 level of commission instead of two, after their own first purchase.

f) There are no initial fees to join Freedom Network, however there are two types of fees
chargeable for active Marketing Affiliates for the sales product from Group A, as listed in
the Appendix

Fees from Level-1 sales:

– From the first and second Level-1 sales an MA makes, Freedom will make a deduction of 250 GBP per sale from their commissions.

– To celebrate the MA`s success and show appreciation for their contribution to the company, Freedom will not deduct further fees from their subsequent Level 1 sales.

Fees from other level sales:

– All the passive income received by the MA is subject to a deduction of 350 GBP per year (year is defined as 12 months from the signing of this contract), provided that the MA has earned more than 2,500 GBP for that year. If this limit has not been reached, then no deductions will be made and the balance will not transfer to the next year.

g) There are no applicable fees for active Marketing Affiliates from rental products in Group A or any product from Group B.

h) Marketing Affiliates are NOT employees of Freedom, and they are responsible for paying taxes from their income as per the laws and regulations of their domicile countries.

i) By signing this contract, the MA gives consent to all correspondence from Freedom to their email or mailing addresses that are provided in this contract by the MA.


a) Party 1 agrees to help Party 2 understand and grow their business in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

b) Party1takesontheresponsibilitytogrowtheproductportfoliotoprovideotherpotential income sources to Party 1 and to inform and educate Party 1 about all new products.

c) If Party 1 receives enquiries for a certain type of product that does not exist in Freedom product portfolio, Party 1 agrees to put in the best effort to supply that portfolio to P1 under the best circumstances possible to maximize the benefits and income for P2.


a) Party 2 agrees to work towards recruiting new members to the Freedom network and to market all Freedom network products to achieve sales and/or rentals.

b) Party 2 agrees to do all their marketing in a good taste, that is not damaging and/or detrimental to the company and/or its management and/or affiliates.

c) Party 2 agrees to seek help from their sponsors and/or Freedom Management where their knowledge is insufficient on any topic related to the products and/or the company to avoid misinforming potential customers and/or recruits whilst representing Party 1. Furthermore, Party 2 shall indemnify and hold harmless Party 1 from any liability from potential purchasers and/or any incorrect information, inaccuracy, falsehood, untruth and/or misrepresentation made/or ambiguity in any information given by Party 2.

d) Party 2 further agrees to respect the management, other affiliates and the employees of P1 at all times.

e) Party 2 shall have no authority to make binding representations or warranties on behalf of P1.

f) Party 2 shall discuss with the management all issues they may be experiencing in Freedom business prior to deciding to terminate their affiliation.


a) This contract is valid from the day of signing, and in effect until either party terminates it. The Marketing Affiliate may choose to terminate this contract in 6 month cycles, starting from the signing date of this document by emailing support@freedom-group.net, or continue their affiliation with Freedom indefinitely, without any notice. Even if P2 leaves before the 6-month cycle is complete, P1 will continue benefit from all sales/rentals of the products done by P2 through all companies Freedom has a contract with, until the end of the cycle.

b) Party 1 will pay all outstanding commission from Type A products to P2 earned until their termination is finalized.

c) The MA can choose to rejoin the Freedom network at any time after their termination; however their previous position will no longer be available. P2 will be placed directly under the company, and will not benefit from the sales and/or rentals of the members of their previous network.

d) Party 1 may, in good faith, modify any of this contract at any time, and at its sole discretion, by posting a change notice or a new contract on the website and by notifying all MAs via email. These changes will come into force immediately upon posting. P2’s continued participation in the network will require P2`s acceptance of the said changes. If any modification to this contract is not acceptable to P2, P2’s only recourse is to terminate their affiliation, in accordance with the rules set out in the Termination section of this contract.


PRODUCT GROUP A: Multi-level commission earning products
This product group is the main product of Freedom Network, and provides the MA with the most potential income. A Marketing Affiliate can earn commission on a multi-level basis from the following products:
A1. Property sale
A2. Property rentals

Commission structure for Group A products is as illustrated in the table:
Levels Commission % *
Level 1 50 %
Level 2 10%
Level 3 5%
Level 4 2%
Level 5 2%
Level 6 2%
Level 7 2%
Level 8 2%
Level 9 1%
Level 10 1%

  • commissions on Category A1 and A2 are a % of the total commission Freedom receives from
    the vendors and home owners.

Freedom provides an opportunity to its MA’s to market and earn commission or benefit types from various products that are complimentary to Group A products. The commission from Product Group B is a one-off commission however, it is a wonderful opportunity for the MA to make extra income via promoting these products. For further information on type B products and how you can increase your income in Freedom, please contact a member of Management of Freedom LLC.