Esentepe – North Cyprus

Esentepe, dating back to the Byzantine era, covers a large area with its centre in the lower mountain slopes with the coastal areas having been developed in more recent years.

Many people have fallen in love with the area and invested in holiday homes and investment properties. It is one of Freedoms favourite areas to be!

Although property development and its popularity has increased, you will find that it still has a small village feel in its centre, with a few shops and local stores, with plenty of green space to walk and hike, with some large and wonderfully pristine beaches along the coastline.

Esentepe, (which means windy hill), is also known as the gateway to the Karpas, where you can drive on now newly built roads through to the Karpas and Famagusta. The surrounding villages of Alagadi, Karaağac and Alevkaya make this area a must see, particularly due to the turtle nesting sites on the fantastic beaches, the forest walks, picnic sites and the Herbarium featuring samples and illustrations of native botanical species.

It’s also an area historically rich with ruins of various monasteries, as well as the domed church of Antiphonitis which contains one of the last examples of 12th and 15th century frescoes in North Cyprus.

Korineum golf course

Korineum golf course on North Cyprus with stunning view

The arrival of the championship Korineum golf course, with its very popular 18-hole course, restaurant and tennis courts has again also contributed to the development of the area. There are various other
large residential sites which have been developed in the recent past, which cater for golfing holiday accommodation making the area very popular for rental investment purposes.

Reputable developers have recognised the areas potential quickly and the quality of build, design and tasteful, integrated site layouts have risen also, proving extremely popular to the European and Scandinavian market. Customer and sales care is also a very important aspect of development and several of us at Freedom have been really pleased with the support and response from the developers when looking to invest in this area.

There are some wonderful property development projects still being planned and built in the Esentepe area and we highly recommend this location, around 30 minutes east of Kyrenia. You can really feel the peaceful nature of this place, and for us, this is one of the most important aspects of our Freedom!

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