Cratos Hotel in Kyrenia North Cyprus

One place which we cannot wait to visit on arrival to North Cyprus is the lovely Cratos Hotel !

If you would really like to take some time soaking up all the good things that this country has to offer, then why not choose to spend a day experiencing total self-indulgence?

You may like taking things slow and unwind, enjoying being pampered in a traditional hamam, choosing from various spa treatments at the modern and sumptuous Spa, eating and drinking at the numerous and delicious dining options, doing a little shopping, or perhaps relaxing in your own private cabana with friends, or simply just lounging by the various pools.

Spa Hamam Cratos Hotel
Cratos Hotel Spa

If you prefer something a little more lively, the Cratos has one of the best casinos in North Cyprus, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, featuring live games, dedicated poker and blackjack tables and of course, the traditional slot machines. Be careful, it is easy to spend too much! Other options for the summer season include water sports, all provided from the hotels superb beachfront.

Coco Bongo with bungalows
Coco Bongo Island with bungalows

The Cage

Summer nights at Cratos are also 5-Star, with loads of entertainment to enjoy. Club nights with performers and artists make unforgettable North Cyprus nights, offering live music provided by world class DJ’s being flown in for the night to provide guests with a night to remember. Concerts are also popular with artists being flown in from Turkey for the weekend, where you can sample some Turkish pop culture with your meal. There are actually many different clubs and beach concept areas to this hotel, you could spend days and days exploring and experiencing them all!

Cage at Cratos Hotel
The Cage

Even with all these options, you can also just choose to relax inside the hotel in big armchairs sipping a true Italian Espresso or enjoying the tastes of the patisserie with its imported delights. Walk around the hotel and try any of the bars, including pool, terrace, European style pub, or the VIP Lounge.

Vip lounge Cratos Hotel
Vip lounge

As you imagine, as a 5-Star hotel, there are many services on offer, not just to hotel guests, but to visitors of the hotel who come to enjoy a day out. You can take the children with you who have their own pool, play room ‘Cratoys’ for 0-12 years and additional ‘Huckleberry’ games room, amongst other facilities.

A day out, or maybe a few, Freedom loves this hotel and all that it has to offer!

Visit North Cyprus with Freedom?

Freedom invite you to spend 3-4 days in sunny and warm North Cyprus to explore the property market. You can read more about our group tours and private inspections trip.

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