Christmas fun in the Sun in North Cyprus!

As the sun shines and the blue skies sparkle, it is difficult to believe that it is almost Christmas, but this is the reality of a December and Christmas in North Cyprus. We often experience daytime temperatures of a warm 15-20°, evening temperatures can drop to around 10° but the beautiful turquoise Mediterranean Sea is still warm enough to dip your toes in and on the 25th December people can be seen enjoying an early invigorating Christmas Day swim to wake them up.

The 25th December is a normal day for the local Cypriots but they work hard to enable the large ex-pat community to enjoy Christmas celebrations in the many restaurants and hotels which offer special Christmas dinners, as well as one or two-night hotel packages, often including gala dinners, drinks, entertainment and accommodation. Year on year, the local council’s improve street decorations and lights over the festive period, and many local businesses also fully recognise that Christmas is an important tradition for the ex-pat community. One such amazing display of festive lights can be seen at the Cratos Hotel in Çatalköy.

The build up to New Year is an important and special time in Cyprus and the shops are super busy in the days leading up to New Year’s Eve as the Cypriots shop for gifts to put under the tree for their friends and family.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is all about family and having fun. Cypriot’s will eat together as a family, enjoying a 3 or 4 hour meal with drinks and lots of laughter and talking. In addition, similar to Christmas – the hotels offer great packages for superb party nights and the casinos invite many top performers from Turkey and other countries. Of course, traditionally at midnight, everyone wishes each other a Happy New Year.

After midnight the younger members of the family will go to meet their friends often enjoying the local clubs who play host to top DJ’s with the most amazing firework displays.

New Year’s Day is all about family, something which is very important in North Cyprus – from the very young to the very old, all getting together to look forward to a New Year!

So in many ways Christmas can be very different in North Cyprus, but we in Freedom would not have it any other way. Come to North Cyprus and experience it for yourself – we are sure you will not be disappointed!

Freedom wishes you all a very happy Christmas and a fantastic 2020 wherever you are in the world………

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