Home is where the heat is!

Home where the heat is Luxury of choosing your workplace in a sunny place like North Cyprus

Working from home?  Whether or not your job allows you the luxury of choosing your workplace, it seems we are all determined to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle — and in North Cyprus, that means outdoor living. With such beautiful nature all around, it’s not surprising that people want to get out there, so here are some more tips for keeping cool in the mid-summer Mediterranean.

Nobody likes a warm beer

Nobody likes a warm beer, and that’s where tables with coolers come in. You can have the cooler on display as a centrepiece, or choose a table that covers your ice-box when it is not in use. If you are DIY savvy, you can build your own table by following a woodworking plan. You will need to consider table design, water drainage, wood, and ice sourcing.

Cold beers in North Cyprus during the summer heat

You will need some outdoor furniture for your North Cyprus patio or balcony. Keep it lightweight and sectional to make the most of garden parties and social gatherings.

Add some greenery to keep your space fresh. Wooden planters are perfect and can fill smaller garden areas. Some planters can be expensive, more affordable options are made from materials such as wooden crates and concrete blocks. If you want more of an earthy feel, fill your planter with stones and rocks so it blends into the outdoor space.

Bareback riders who enjoyed a dip in the sea

Horses taking a swim in North Cyprus

If you like wildflowers, and wild spirits, you might join these bareback riders who enjoyed a dip in the sea on one of the hottest days of the year, sand lilies clinging tenaciously to the dunes, adding an extra delicate touch.

Watching the sun set is one of life’s great pleasures

Watching sunset in North Cyprus

At the end of the day, watching the sun set is one of life’s great pleasures and at Kervansaray Beach near Girne it has become something of a tradition for in-the-know tourists and locals.

Take a table at the Kervan Pizza Garden and order a long, cool drink – or a milkshake perhaps, a creamy specialty here.

Kervan Pizza Garden faces west on the road leading to the Merit Park Hotel, but get there early to grab a front table, as nature’s spectacular free show is always a big draw.

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