Property project of the weekend Natulux North Cyprus

Natulux properties Küçük Erenköy in North Cyprus

Luxury living meets nature’s beauty

Located in Küçük Erenköy, North Cyprus

The Natulux project is located in Küçük Erenköy, on a very special parcel 0 to a real sea, placed on the edge of the cliff with an incredible wide angle of 270 degrees.

When you first step into the site, you get the feeling that you are in or on the sea, not a sea view from afar. Never before has the feeling of blue deepened so much in any project designed in North Cyprus.

Stunning sunset view

Natulux breathtaking project offers the best of both worlds with its stunning sunset view by the beach and a breathtaking mountain view.

These homes are designed ti seamlessly blend in with the natural surroundings, providing you with a harmonious escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Villas and apartments

Natulux features a range of villas and apartments designed to harmoniously blend with environment, providing residents with access to remarkable amenities and services.

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