La Casalia

Paradise nestled in the northern part of Cyprus Price from £195.000

Paradise nestled in the northern part of Cyprus
Location: Tatlisu North Cyprus


As the tranquil azure waters of the Mediterranean stretch endlessly, they also harbor whispers of history’s mysteries, unveiling new secrets with each passing moment. Amidst these waters stands La Casalia, a beacon of modern luxury intertwined with the enigmatic echoes of the past.


La Casalia, tucked away in the northern reaches of Cyprus, is a secluded paradise overlooking the pristine waters of the Mediterranean, where serenity and renewal harmonize.


Within this exceptional venture, guests are invited to immerse themselves in a wellness journey nurtured by nature’s embrace, where every aspect is carefully crafted to facilitate self-discovery and reconnection with the world. La Casalia beckons to a life of vitality and equilibrium, providing tailored programs and expert guidance to support a holistic lifestyle.


The Signature Series of La Casalia distinguishes itself by seamlessly intertwining the nuances of contemporary living with opulence and coziness, showcasing architectural marvels that command stunning vistas of the Mediterranean, marrying aesthetics and practicality effortlessly.


Featuring 402 luxurious units providing diverse residential choices, residents are assured a bespoke lifestyle, complemented by indulgent experiences at the chic restaurant and snack bar.


Communal pools




Turkish Hamam



ATM & Bank


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