The Grand Sapphire Beach Club North Cyprus

Grand Sapphire Beach Club North Cyprus

Freedom cannot wait for June 2022… It is going to be a very special summer month in North Cyprus…

Why you may ask… because one of our leading developers will open their first 7-Star Beach Club just 500m away from their flagship project The Grand Sapphire.

This incredible facility will be FREE for all homeowners and guests from The Grand Sapphire Resort.

<em>The atmosphere will be stylish yet relaxed and effortless<em>

Live Your Best Life!

The Grand Sapphire Beach Club prides itself on providing all its guests with an unrivalled and distinctive luxury 7-star lifestyle experience.

The Beach Club will feature cutting-edge architecture, contemporary dining, indulgent Grand Sapphire services, and of course their signature beach & night-time entertainment creating an incredible Grand Sapphire Beach experience.


Facilities will include the following:

Beach Bars
Live Music Areas
Swimming pools
Kids Areas
Ice Cream/Snacks
Quiet Corners
Luxury Sunbeds

Shaded Areas
Landscaped Areas
Gondola Arrival/Pickup
Car Parks
Sandy Beach
Walking Paths
Water Sports Area

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