Trailblazers! Magnificent Seven go over the top

Many ways to explore North Cyprus

There are many ways to explore North Cyprus – but few are as challenging and exciting as racing across the mountain tops on a quad bike.

From Cape Korucam, the far western tip of the north coast, along the Kyrenia mountain ridge to Cape Zafer at the tip of the Karpaz peninsula, is approximately 180 kilometers. This group of biker friends decided it was a challenge they could not resist. So, they revved up their machines, with engines ranging from 300cc to a monster 1000cc, and set off, two of them riding new bikes on their maiden trip.

They took three days to complete their trek. Detours for hotel stops and fuel turned it into a 300km journey, making an average speed of around 20-25kmh. Stormy weather beforehand left fallen trees and boulders blocking parts of the track, but, using a mobile App called Gaia to guide them, the riders overcame all obstacles.

Organiser Jason Grocock, who has just turned 50, is typical of a new breed of adventurous early retirees and business people who are choosing to make their home in North Cyprus.

He said: “We stayed at Kaplica Beach Hotel the first night and second night we stayed at Burhan Hotel where our wives and girlfriends joined us. There were some tricky moments but it was a great trip. We made amazing memories and amazing friendships.”

Jason praised the riders’ support team of Mike and Anne Redman, who organised lunch and monitored the riders’ progress to keep them on the right track. He added: “Next time, we are going to do the track in reverse, starting at the Karpaz .. possibly October. Everyone is welcome to join us.!”

Rider Muddy Mike Armstrong
End of the road

Another rider, Karl Rugg, said: “İt’s the best way to see the island and have so much fun doing it.” 

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